At the time of the agreement, the two countries had also agreed to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation and declared their readiness to participate together in the 2020 Summer Olympics and other international games. It was also planned to apply for both as a common venue for the 2032 Summer Olympics. In October 2018, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha said he wanted U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to accept a declaration to end the Korean War as part of security guarantees to strengthen North Korea`s confidence in a denuclearization agreement. Although Pompeo said he was happy to negotiate with Kim Jong-un on the dismantling of nuclear facilities at the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center, he was hesitant to comment on the possibility of a «declaration of war of the end of Korea.» [29] [31] President Ronald Reagan`s former special assistant and a senior Cato Institute official, Doug Bandow, unrealistically called on President Trump to dismantle all of his nuclear facilities, while President Kim only agreed to dismantle the YongByon nuclear facility in exchange for a partial lifting of some UN sanctions against his country. The constant requirement of an all-nukes for the sanctions agreement is considered malicious in its intent and illogical. [72] Douglas Dillon, professor of government at Harvard Kennedy School, and former director of The Belfer Center at Harvard, Graham T. Allison, believe that the Hanoi Summit is not a single failure, despite some public opinion, and even compared it to the Reagan-Gorbachev era. President Reagan also faced a negative public opinion on his relations with the USSR, but he was able to remove all intermediate nuclear missiles from the Soviet Union with an FN agreement.

Compared to the USSR, North Korea is also a communist country, but President Trump was able to confront North Korea`s supreme leader, President Kim, which neither Bush nor Obama could do during their 16-year term. [73] According to Abby Bard, an Asian policy scientist at the Center for American Progress, the teams of President Trump and President Kim need a critical space between them to build trust and review intentions between the two sides. Working meetings between the two teams are needed to organize the details that would lead to greater bargains without errors of judgment and misunderstandings. For the two heads of state and government to reach an agreement, their diplomatic teams must work together. [74] The summits failed to make substantial progress towards denuclearization or the peacekeeping treaty. In October 2019, talks began in Sweden between the U.S. and North Korea negotiating teams, but failed after a day. In June 2020, North Korea blew up the Kaesong Inter-Korean Liaison Office. Tensions between the two countries have been running high for some time over cross-border leaflets, which are usually sent by balloons. Robert Einhorn, a former special adviser on non-proliferation and arms control at the U.S.

State Department, proposed a more realistic approach to Washington. Unicorn interpreted the solution of the denuclearization of the DPRK, advocated by North Korea. A reward should be given to Pyongyang, which completes every step from Pyongyang`s denuclearization to the complete denuclearization of its DPRK nuclear program. In short, this is a gradual or progressive approach to North Korea. [17] December 11 under N.