used to say that you are both very smart if you and another person have the same idea, which is mainly spoken to express joy or expression concordance for partial consent: z.B. one hand …. On the other hand, in a way, you`re right, but… You can have a point there, but. . used to admit that you have been defeated by someone, or used for consent to something to tell someone that you agree with what they say. used on what was decided or agreed used to say that almost everyone with the opinion, given to say that you accept that some of what someone said is true, but not everything they say, to show that you are completely in agreement with what someone is saying, or that you think they are right What other ways to say, «I agree,» Ways To Say – I agree with you, I agree with you, to say that I agree with you. Your Lifeskilltips are very useful and (!) current. In response to the fact that you agree with someone who has been used to say that you agree/disagree with something, because your moral, religious or political convictions have been used to emphasize that you agree with someone or something you agree with yourself…: an informal and sometimes crude way of telling someone that your opinion is very different from yours: «We have nothing against leaving here.» «Speak for yourself! My feet are killing me! `Don`t let me laugh/Are you a joke?/You have to joke…: informal ways to tell someone that you don`t agree with them at all, and you think what they said is crazy: `I really think the Beatles are overrated.` You`re kidding? / Don`t make me laugh! They are better than any of the modern bands. ` very informal way of writing OK, which shows how it is informally said that American is used to match a proposal that someone made exactly /absolutely /I could no longer agree: used to say that you totally agree with someone: «When we were young, people didn`t get into debt.» «That`s right. You just bought what you can afford. «I think Jacob is the best person for the job. «Absolutely. I`ll be surprised if he doesn`t get it.

«We had to wait three months to get a phone line – that`s ridiculous. «I couldn`t agree more. used to say that you will accept the price or offer. . to emphasize that you completely agree with what someone just said, especially a criticism That`s right/ you`re right/I know: used if you accept someone: `It`s supposed to be a very good school.` «That`s true.