20.01 This agreement replaces all prior discussions and agreements between the parties and, after its implementation, constitutes the single and comprehensive agreement on reinsurance provided under this agreement. There are no agreements between the parties other than those expressed in this agreement. The parties acknowledge and accept that the optional offer of coverage, made and accepted pursuant to Article 3, was included in and part of this agreement. Any modification or modification of the contract is null and void, unless it is made by the written amendment to this contract, signed by both Ceding Company and the reinsurer. In order to avoid any doubt, all confidentiality agreements concluded by the parties are terminated and replaced by the terms of this agreement. Any exemption is a waiver only in the present circumstances and should not constitute a waiver of future circumstances. 1.2 The Ceding Company and the reinsurer agree to re-insurance the above conditions. It is a reinsurance contract and the performance of each party`s obligations under this agreement is granted exclusively to the other party. After consultation with the Ceding Company, the reinsurer agrees to pay its co-payment on the basis of the results of competition, compromise or litigation (an agreement that the reinsurer must communicate in writing to The Ceding Company). The reinsurer pays its share of all reasonable damages expenses covered in Section 12.08 of the competition, compromise or litigation. A flexible premium pension is a pension that must be financed by a number of payments. Flexible premium pensions are only deferred pensions; In other words, they are designed to have a significant payment period for retirement and investment growth before being deprived of money. Automatic reinsurance provided by the reinsurer for conditional receipt or fixed-term insurance contract of the company begins at the same time as the contractual liability of the company and is limited to the share of the reinss Appendix A for amounts accepted as part of the company`s usual temporary hedging procedures under the usual cash hedging procedures with application within the limits specified in Figure E.

The entity and the reinsurer have the right to offset undisputed balances, whether on the basis of premiums, certificates, credits, receivables or any other party, due by one party to the other in this agreement or other reinsurance agreements between the company and the reinsurer. The company is responsible for the settlement of claims in accordance with the laws and conditions of the current directive. It is the company`s only decision to determine whether a claim should be paid under the policy. For the purposes of this section, reinsured policies include fixed-term insurance receipts and contracts covered by the provisions of this agreement. The condition of the reinsurer`s obligation to settle a claim is notified in writing to the reinsurer as soon as possible. The company will immediately make copies of all damage documents available to the reinsurer. 21.5 If this agreement is terminated in accordance with Section 9.02, Article 14 or by mutual agreement between the parties, the Ceding Company establishes the monthly count statement described in Section 9.01 (b) for the period beginning at the end of the previous month, for which a count was established and ending on the effective date of termination or reconquest.