What will happen to your actions if you die? Now, could you say they go to your spouse and/or your children, but if the shoe is on the other foot, would you want to be in business with your partner`s spouse and/or children? This issue is all the more important in companies where shareholders are active on a daily basis. We believe it is essential that the shareholders` pact (and the MECs) clearly determine what happens to the shares of a deceased, disabled, outgoing or insolvent shareholder. We offer a contract area to our customers more than just a shareholder pact model. The shareholders` pact is an important document that must cover all important bases. The use of a model for shareholder agreements is dangerous. Contractzone`s shareholder pact is developed by a team of experienced lawyers. If you need something in particular included in your shareholder contract, our team is at your disposal. Start now with an online shareholder contract. The use of a proposed shareholders` pact is a dangerous thing. Contractzone`s shareholder pact is prepared by our experienced team who are watch-watching company to help you. Is there an obligation to buy the shares or is it just an option? How is the purchase price determined and by whom? These provisions underline, more than almost all other clauses of a shareholders` agreement, the importance of entering into a shareholder contract.

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