15 23. MEAL AND MEAL HOURS (1) Meals are at least 30 minutes long and a maximum of one hour, which is not agreed and is counted as the time worked subject to the sub-clause (2) of this clause. The tutor cannot work more than 6 hours in a row without a meal break. (2) When a tutor is on duty or on night shifts in the afternoon or at night, but is not on duty during the break, the tutor is paid at normal rates. Assuming that time is not counted as time for the purposes of section 20 – overtime. (3) When a tutor is required by the employer to work his meal break, he receives the paid time and half of the hours of work. Assuming that time is not counted as time for the purposes of section 20 – overtime. (4) During each shift, fifteen or two seven-minute tea breaks are allowed and, if comfortable for the employer, are taken without deducting compensation for that period. 5.

A caregiver who was not informed the day before or before having to go to work at a time when a meal is normally taken must be provided with such a meal. 24. UPDATE OF THE SUPERSER TIME (1) A entitled guardian has free leave of up to 12 days (96 hours or pro-rata for part-time) during each 12-month period. Provided that a guardian is not allowed leave under this clause in the following circumstances: a casual assistant; When the guardian is employed on the basis of unavailable days off; where the tutor does not guarantee more than 16 hours or two positions per week. If days off at the Murdoch GHGH are made available at the request of the tutor (except for a casual assistant). The eligible guardian may revoke his contract in writing with a two-week delay. 2. A guardian is not entitled to an exemption during: long-term service leave; any period of unpaid leave any absence of compensation leave greater than one calendar month. The imputation continues during any other leave provided by this agreement (including any additional annual leave). 3. If the guardian has acquired a sufficient right, the accumulated leave period may be taken: within a minimum period of one week, consisting of 5 successive days of accrued leave, combined with a period of annual leave or a date acceptable to the guardian and employer; Or page 15 of 55 37.3.7 Notwithstanding the provisions of 37.3.2a, a worker who is employed on a site where the production price or labour agreement for workers on this site provides for a long service leave after ten years of service, is entitled to a long service leave after each ten-year period of service in accordance with this distinction.