(by that, I mean….) • I don`t believe it (I don`t believe it) • I think you`re wrong (I think you`re wrong) • It`s not justified to say it (I don`t say it) • I`m not convinced (I`m not sure) • It`s not the same thing at all (it`s not at all) «I agree with your opinion, we need to do this task before 12 p.m.» There can be a lot of possibilities in the conversation. One of them is that you half agree with your family`s statements, but on the one hand, there is even less testimony. Therefore, you half agree (partly agree) that you can use in English conversations. Here are some examples of the sentence: Well, Squad, in the conversation, Rani said, «That sounds great!» It is an example of an expression that expresses approval. This expression is used to say that you agree with someone.