• The payment method for the percentage or sterling sum may vary depending on individual fees or transfers Cash account for the payment of fees and where we pay dividends or income ready to be reinvested On the platform you will find a number of wallets to meet different tax and income requirements. Whether your customers` financial needs become simpler or more complicated over time, the Aviva platform allows you to tailor your investments to their needs. • There are no minimum or maximum initial consulting fees, but you cannot enter an amount greater than the regular payment amount Our acceptance and development team can help you set up the Aviva platform for you and make it an essential part of your business. We offer: Call 0800 056 2026 – The lines are open monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Or send platformservices@aviva.co.uk an email • Payment of the initial advisory fee continues until the end of the agreed period or until the end of normal premiums We have appointed Winterflood Business Services our designated stockbroker, who trades shares on behalf of your clients when they invest through the ISA wallet. The equity trading cost table shows the cost of trading shares. • You can increase, reduce, stop or start the current consulting fees at any time, but we need confirmation from your client • You cannot set the payment start date for the initial consulting fees for a future date • The initial consulting fee can be paid immediately. You may not defer payment to a future date Advice Fee – Individual payments or transfers • The cash account is managed with one or more external account providers of our choice. The interest rate is variable and can be negative. Cash account providers and current information Most investment fund managers charge an upfront fee to invest in their funds. Fund managers also cover fees that depend on the investments chosen. These costs are expressed in terms of current costs (OCF) or total cost rate (TER). These shall cover the fees collected by the fund manager for the management of the facility as well as the costs incurred by the Fund.

Please note that ocf and TER are variable and may change over time. We designed the Aviva platform to be simple and easy to use. And we have a number of support services that will help you get the most out of it: • The current payment of the advisory fee is limited to the duration of the portfolio • We take the initial advisory fees before investing your client`s money in the ISA portfolio • We take the pre-agreed advisory fee, Aviva fees, and cash brokerage fees for the ISA portfolio, there are two types of advisory fees: The ISA wallet is available on the Aviva platform and allows your clients to invest tax efficiently in a large number of collective investments and stocks from all major investment sectors. In fact, there are thousands of funds to choose from. • Unlike the initial advisory fee, you can start the current advice at a later stage – there is no need to start immediately and is drawn from the real fund The Aviva Platform commission depends on the value of your client`s ISA portfolio. We integrate all the investments your client holds in the investment or retirement portfolios into the calculation of fees for the ISA portfolio. For this reason, your customer can get a discount on fees for their ISA wallet….