As I said to the minister and the prime minister, I am not your daily local president…. And besides, they are not their everyday conservatives. The current collective agreement expires on September 21. In the latest update of the national negotiations, published online, Unifor said: «The ACF continues to challenge the union on key elements of the model agreement, including issues relating to wages, lump sums and health care.» «We are committed to reaching an agreement that will allow us to continue to invest in our future and create opportunities for our employees, their families and the communities where we live and work,» Gosselin wrote. When I became president of this great restaurant, I made it a policy that our members had to put first. Not political Monday 21. December * 9:00 Drive- Thru in the local parking lot The syndicate is trying to get the same standard agreement with FCA that it has with Ford. Construction begins for the great César Drive-Thru vacation package! New dates «will be set» for the week of January 25 and, if applicable, february 22. Cassidy told members that a strike mandate does not mean there will be work actions.…/444_NEWS_dec2020.pd. Attention All members point Edward and Sarnia and Chatham ***** Point Edward and Sarnia are launching a long-awaited bump trial, which will begin on Monday, December 14. Below is a picture of their outstanding results, including Dakkota`s contribution! $21,624.00! Windsor Assembly Plant employees prepare for strike as deadline emerges The union says they have a strong strike mandate and negotiations are following what Unifor National President Jerry Dias calls a home race deal struck last month with ford Motor Company.

We`re putting together key questions (which we`re sure you have) with answers we`ll publish tomorrow. Employees of the Windsor Assembly Plant participated in a virtual vote on the strike permit. Negotiations for Edward Point and Chatham Casinos have been delayed again due to covid 😡 restrictions. Hours before the midnight strikes, Unifor`s main bargaining committee reported «little progress.» . Liken and share this photo by #uni444vp2 Mike D`Agnolo and you have a chance to bl. ack pull over hoodie!!!! «Our members voted overwhelmingly to support their bargaining committees and our bargaining priorities, including; Job security, product obligations and economic benefits for all members,» said Jerry Dias, Unifor President. We will continue to advance our agenda at the negotiating table, but we must remind the government that it must play an active role in securing the future of our auto industry. A future made in Canada. I am therefore looking forward to a new announcement regarding our battery electric vehicles 🙂 I would like to personally thank the Minister for keeping his promise. This week began with an article in Unifor Local 444, which stated that the discussions «were not quite where we should be.» «Here, you all have the chance to authorize the bargaining committee to strike if we are indeed provoked,» Dave Cassidy, president of Unifor Local 444, said in a Facebook post. Both the minister and the prime minister were there when we needed them, and this is the beginning of a relationship where workers come first.

No politics. It`s great to partner with Windsor Inc.`s Unemployment Centre. .